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Professional Cleaning

Normal household activity can make furniture very dull and our customers are always surprised at how an intensive clean with particular products can make a huge difference.


The Cleaning Service

In Cassa offers an intensive leather sofa cleaning service using a yearly package or as and when needed.


As leather is a valuable material it requires special care to protect it from soil deposits that are both visible and non-visible to the human eye. Maintaining your leather furniture helps to replenish the natural oils within the leather and restores its suppleness to help protect your furniture, giving it a longer life span.

In Cassa Service includes the cleaning of all leather seating whether it consists of finished or unfinished leather.


How it’s done

As you would clean and protect your own skin, leather furniture is no different. With our expert know how, we can use the best methods and detergents in the industry to get the job completed for you perfectly. The correct methods are chosen dependent upon the type of leather. Both basic cleaning and dry cleaning are used for finished and unfinished leather.


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DIY Cleaning

In Cassa has products specially formulated for DIY, residential cleaning and maintenance. See our products here

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