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Beryl, Caterham


Thank you for travelling round the M25 to repair my two Everstyle recliner chairs who's hydraulics had ceased to work. You will be pleased to know that they are now tried and tested and in good working order. I was very impressed that you took the time to repair them rather than send off for new parts. I was also impressed that you had the knowledge and experience to do this. In this throwaway culture we live in it was great that you took the time and trouble and for this I thank you once again.

Kindest regards

Janotti family, Seven Oaks


Our new leather faux seating has made our caravan look sophisticated and cool.

It also caters for the spills that come along with having children whilst travelling. Our teenage son is no longer embarrassed by having the caravan in our front garden and spends more time with his friends in it than his bedroom!

Thanks for all your hard work.

Alex, Shepherds Bush


We acknowledge the wonderful work you and your dad did to re-instate the broken leather sofa. It looks wonderful and solid! Quite even stronger than when we bought initially. Very well professionally executed.

Best wishes

Mr. Flythe, Kensington


Sincere, professional gentleman with a vast amount of knowledge which benefited me in my time of need. Cheers.


 Mr Malik, Southall


Hard working, determined and polite. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Proud to invite folks over now.


In Cassa, thank you for making it all ok.

Monica Stoole, Tonbridge


You have made my mother a very happy lady. Its amazing what you can do when you know how. You saved us a great deal by re -upholstering her favourite chair with an orthopedic filling. She now sits by her window without all of the cushions she had previously propping her up. Thanks again and we'll see you soon.

 Adam Afonso, Portugal


I rent properties in Portugal and was keen to furnish them with exclusive antique furniture which all needed restoring. In Cassa restored the seating required to furnish all 12 of my apartments and gave me priceless advice on how to maintain them in the process. This man knows his stuff, he is highly skilled and has saved me a lot of money in giving my apartments the WOW factor.

Mr. Sharrock, Slough


My sofa was an absolute state but I was reluctant to get rid of it because it cost me a pretty penny. In Cassa restored all five pieces within just two days and it is unrecognisable. Absolute magic!

Ms. Quashie, Fulham, London


Warm and friendly service. Good communication and well prepared for the job.


Repair results were immediately visible and cleaned to perfection leaving an aroma of fresh leather. Extra perk was a complimentary leather care kit. Well worth it. Highly recommended, thank you.

 Mrs. D. Clancey, Brighton


The furniture company would not take my sofa back when it would not fit through the front door and refused to exchange it for a smaller one.


In Cassa dismantled the sofa and gained access into my property.


A small price to pay to fix a costly mistake.

Mrs S. Jones, Potters Bar



"I was recommended 'In Cassa' by a Leather retail unit in Wembley. Prior to In Cassa visiting my premises and inspecting my furniture I felt quite disheartened that my furniture of less than 2 years old was unfit for purpose and would have to be dumped. They examined the furniture, carried out repairs to one armchair and took away the remaining two pieces that were very badly damaged. I felt very comfortable with the technician being in my home, he was honest, trustworthy and a true gentleman in all aspects of the word. I would truly recommend In Cassa as their work is first class and I am one very


satisfied customer whom has her furniture restored to new! Thank you In Cassa for saving me the replacement value of a new suite!

 Mrs L. Robertson, London


Fast service. They were able to get my new sofa into my house within the hour.

 Brenda and Charlie, Kilburn


Our 3rd anniversary present to our daughter and son in law was an antiques chaise lounge. We used In Cassa to recover with a new fabric; the transformation was unbelievable. And the old fashioned high standards of customer service reminded me of how things used to be. My daughter and son in law are over the moon and we thank you on their behalf.



 Mr and Mrs Scott, Reading


In Cassa re-upholstered our antique dining chairs and provided the fabric, great professional job.

Mrs. T. Kirk, Hayes


Thank you for getting my three piece suite into my living room. You put me at ease and saved me money.

Prash Patel, Pinner


Great friendly and reliable service, not forgetting high quality work. Never mind the rest this company is the best.... My kids jumped non-stop on my sofa and broke the leg.. And in no time it's as good as new... Thanks to all at In Cassa.

Patrick Anderson, Wembley


Thank you for repairing the leather seat in my prized convertible Audi.The service was quick and professional.


 Paul Forrest, Nottinghill Gate


The technician we had fixed a motor in our recliner that was broken for near on 2 years. Needless to say, my wife stopped nagging...thanks mate.

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